Baby Norah now crawling

To my surprise today Norah started crawling. It was a sight I cannot forget. She was able to sit and turn not too long ago and now she can crawl. Funny thing is she tried to grab a floor-standing lamp and pull it down. That just alerted me of how many changes I need to bring in the house, and keep things away from her tiny little arms reach.

I also earned a few new things about the Amazon Fire today. I can basically load any application with a .apk extension to the Fire tablet. I am starting to like the Amazon Fire 7 for reading and minimal surfing. I think it a very well designed tablet for its price. Best of all with the new cover it feels more and more like a book. I have always enjoyed reading and am glad that my new year has started off with a good book. Currently, I am reading “An Ember in the Ashes” from Sabaa Tahir.


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